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21,Nov 2286
21,Nov 2286

No questions asked.

Botak (no hair)

Radiation sickness.

Radiation baby head and body

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Total comment(s) :7
I am Japanese girl. I am sorry my country overlook this situation. They must be sorry even if they didn't know the past history. Then, they must be sorry,, I am behalf of Japanese to say, sorry sorry sorry...
wawa420 | 24,Feb 2012
I am not sure as I am not Japanese... you can ask them why they go....
I think it is better
Tommy88 | 26,Feb 2012
Well I think this is an absurd article after I read you guys posting...

Wawa420 - You don't need to be sorry because you have nothing to get involved in this issue. You are Japanese but you are a good friend. It is different. The history is just a history, those who fought in the war, had already died in those grandfathers time. I understand that some Japanese soldiers were forced and ordered by their superiors to fight the war in order to defend the safety of their families. Some of the soldiers were innocent and good soldiers. If you watched "Letters from Iwo Jima", you will understand the moral of war rather than reading those textbooks from your school.

Cheow - A defeat was already counted defeated. No point bringing up the issue. They had already surrendered in August 15, 1945 at Tokyo Bay. I used to dislike the history and the Imperial Japanese military but past is a past. World War 2 usually had its many complicated issues..
It is time to move on to the 21st century and thinks forward.

Sangjong - It is stupid to believe in those articles at CNN webpage... those are written by Western journalists to make a nuisance to the Asian harmony. Those are the "ghosts" and "bastards". In fact, I see many Westerners acting like one too. This is because they are jealous about the Asian development and trying to make a "scam". They are just too sad about themselves and barking like a dog out of themselves, too free and the government gives them money to do that.
Tommy88 | 25,Feb 2012
wawa420, sorry doesn't works in this world anymore ;D
Guys, I tell you la, this will further remind the Chinese people that the Japanese will always be the enemy.
So, when the next war break out between these 2 countries, one better pray hard that he or she belong to the winning side....because the winning side will completely annihilate the other side out of hatres. Severely this time.

World War 3 will occur someday. Just wait and see.
sangjong | 25,Feb 2012
Headless chicken soup for the Japanese ;D this time
sangjong | 24,Feb 2012
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Guys, you gotta read "Fury over Japanese politician's Nanjing Massacre denial
By Paul Armstrong, CNN" Trending now! ;D
sangjong | 24,Feb 2012
Frog in the well.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the king's horses and all the King's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again

guchi | 24,Feb 2012
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