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Cool pen-pals with photos!

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Total members : 579434

Gender : Male
Age : 24
Live in : Japan
Hey guys D I m from JapanI m learning EnglishI want to know about different cultures. My dream is to become a fluent English speaker and travel arownd the world. I want to talk with peple in various c...
Gender : Male
Age : 25
Live in : Korea
始めまして 韓国のソウルに住んでいる韓国人です 日本の漫画や映画 そして食べ物などが好きです よく旅行に行ったり遊びに行くので言語を勉強して一緒に遊べる友達を探しています...
Gender : Female
Age : 25
Live in : Korea
HelloI m 23years and I live in South Korea I would like to meet a good friendIf u want to talk with mesend mail to me Im always waiting for u D 안녕하세요영어를 잘 못해서 대화를 할 때 많이 부족하겠지만좋은 친구를 만...
Gender : Female
Age : 22
Live in : Turkey
Hiya안녕하세요こんにちはالسلام عليكم ฅᆽ୨୧ ୨୧ I m a 22 year old hijabi girl, and I live in Eski ehir, Turkey. I m here to meet various people whom I can make a long term friendship with and I hope that s you, wh...
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Live in : Taiwan
こんにちは友達をいっぱい付き合いたいですたくさんの関心お願いしますよろしくお願いします 안녕하세요현재 대만에서 공부를 하고 있는 한국인입니다. 만일 한국어 뿐 만이 아니라,...
Gender : Female
Age : 21
Live in : United States
HelloI m a Neuroscience student from the States looking for some new penpals. Please feel free to contact me if you d like to exchange lettersI am looking mostly for snail mail pals. I like to send li...
Gender : Male
Age : 29
Live in : Korea
こんにちは お会いできて嬉しいです 私は日本に興味がたくさんあります 旅行も好きで美味しい日本の食べ物も好きです 日本の友達がいれば日本語勉強に役に立つかと思います 今は...
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