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Gender : Female
Age : 43
Live in : Japan
I can only speak Japanese 日本語で会話できる人いますか 電話好きだから電話友達欲しいなぁ 札幌に住んでます 人 年下が好き 連絡マメな人も好き 色 な人と連絡している人 あと生意気な人...
Gender : Female
Age : 27
Live in : Poland
I m the sum of my contradictions. I would like to meet some new friends Talk about history, politics, psychology, tv shows, movies and musi...
Gender : Female
Age : 27
Live in : Israel
Hello, If you need a friend to talk with just message me. I want to be your friend. I want to know you, your country and your culture. Hope we can exchange messages. Have a great da...
Gender : Male
Age : 22
Live in : Korea
おはようございます 日本語を学び始めてから3日なりました 今は翻訳機を使っています 大阪に行ってみました 안녕하세요저는 한국 대전에서 살고있는 24살 준이라고합니다 일본문화을...
Gender : Female
Age : 19
Live in : Ukraine
Nice to meet you I m Kate Here I m looking for friends Short information about me I love art If you know who s Wong kar Wai, welcome ; I speak English since I was 4 years old I m pretty tall 172cm I l...
Gender : Female
Age : 33
Live in : United Kingdom
Hi, こんにちは, 만나서 반가워요, 你好, My name is Jo and I live in the UK. I enjoy reading, going to the gym, making sushi, video games such as Tekken, Fallout, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy and Dynasty Warriors .I m ...
Gender : Female
Age : 44
Live in : Japan
처음 뵙겠습니다. 한국어를 공부하고 있으니까, 언어 교환 되고 오래 친구를 원합니다 자주 한국에 갑니다 내가 한국에 갔을 때 카페에서 얘기하고 싶어요 부담 없이 메시지 주세요 사진이...
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