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Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 55
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
the cultures and languages of the world I m very interested. Getting older, getting to know new people. I want to have fun, too. It s not a moment s worth of meeting. We ll keep in touch for a long ti...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 24
Tempat Tinggal : Amerika Serikat
Hello, my name is DestinyI’m a college student who loves photography, music, drawing, baking, and moreI’m self studying language for skill and church, and understand a little Korean. 그리고 한국어를 조금 할 수 있...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 30
Tempat Tinggal : Jepang
HiI m a Japanese woman live in Japan. My hobby is trip. I m interested in other countries. So I want to make friends all over the world. I will send you my photo later if you want. Feel free to contac...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 21
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
はじめましてㅡ私は韓国人で, 소영 ソヨン ともうします. 1998年生まれて 今, 大学に通っています日本語に関心が多くて 大学2年生から日語日文学を複数専攻にしていて今まで日本語を...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 25
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
Hello. I am a Korean. I am studying English hard. I m here to improve my English and get to know new people. Please send a message if your goals match. I want to meet a true frien...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 20
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
おはようございます 韓国ソウルに住む00年生です 日本語の勉強は3ヶ月くらい経ちました まだたくさん足りなくて 日本人の友達と付き合いながらたくさん話したり そうしながらもっ...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 22
Tempat Tinggal : Prancis
Heeeey, just a 22 girl around here trying to make new friends across the world .I m trying to self study korean and japanese but it is hard while being a college student. I watch many anime series and...
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