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Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 25
Tempat Tinggal : Iran
Hello I m goly. Currently I am learning Japanese on my own and I would appreciate if anyone can help me. I m also looking to make some foreign friends because I m interested to know about foreign cult...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 35
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
こんにちは 私は韓国に住んでいるHongyulです まだたくさんの理由で日本へ行ったことはありません 日本の温泉, 食べ物が好きです それで日本と韓国の日常が共有できるペンパル友達を...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 49
Tempat Tinggal : Jepang
Hello everyoneThank you for looking at my profileI d like to make long term penpals and friends from all around the world including JapanSomething I like to do are dining out, traveling, reading manga...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 34
Tempat Tinggal : Jepang
はじめまして まず プロフィールを読んでくれてありがとうございます 今日本に住んでいますが 日本人の友達がないので まだ日本語が上手ではありません それで もしよかったら 私...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 19
Tempat Tinggal : Inggris Raya
Hi 안녕하세요はじめまして 저의 한국 이름은 하늘입니다. 저는 99년생이고 한국나이로 21살이에요. 한국어하고 일본어를 공부하는 대학생이에용 많은 한국 친구하고 일분 친구도 만나고 ...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 22
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
Hi i m korean I was born in 1996 I want to make eng, japenese friend. I can speak a little eng. I hope contact long time friends 안녕하세요 저는 한국인이에요 저는 96년생이에요 영어, 일본어 할수있는 친구 구하고있...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 38
Tempat Tinggal : Turki
Hi, I am living in Turkey. I am a teacher. I am a member of this site to improve my English and make new friends. I want to know different cultures. I hope I can make new friends her...
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