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성별 : 남성
나이 : 27
거주지 : 대한민국
Hi my name is Cheong Su and i m 25. I am majoring in nursing and junior in univ. I do speak english, korean, turkish and japanese Nice to meet you and have a good d...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 29
거주지 : 터키
Hi from Turkey!.I m interest in foreign countries, foreign cultures. I want to meet new friends and want to improve my foreign language skills. I traveled some European countries. I am willing to trav...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 26
거주지 : 대한민국
私は韓国人だと出会って嬉しくて日本に関心が非常に多く お互いに言語交換しながら親しくなればいいと連絡してください 一緒に仲良くしてみよう 안녕하세요 저는 한국인이에요 일...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 23
거주지 : 대한민국
Hi, I m Dong I m Korean and I m looking for a friend I don t care about nationality. I want anyone to be friendly. I am not good at English, so I will use a translat...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 42
거주지 : 핀란드
Hello Cat lady from Finland is looking new friend. Is it you I like to get to know different cultures and people. Hope that i find someone to write with and get new friend. Best wishes, Terhi 보...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 40
거주지 : 일본
Hi I m from Japan. I want to meet friends from all over the worldI m interested in the culture and music of other countries. I would like to talk a lot with friends. There are many my page visitors, b...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 25
거주지 : 일본
안녕하세요Hello. I m a 25yearold girl living in Osaka. I can t speak Korean. I love Korean cities and food since I traveled to Korea before. I m thinking of starting to study Korean. Please give me a messa...
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