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Gender : Male
Age : 29
Live in : Korea
久しぶりにプロフィールを修正しましたが アクセス数が多くてびっくりしました しかし悲しいことにメッセージは全然来なかったです. ペンパル友達を作りたくて加入しました まだ...
Gender : Female
Age : 33
Live in : Kandungan
HalloI am interested in Asian cultures due to my work. You can practice French, Spanish and English with me. Or just friendshipFeel free to leave a message. I ll try to answer asapRead you soon. D Plz...
Gender : Male
Age : 17
Live in : Amerika Syarikat
HELLOI am 지아니 I am a 17 year old college student from the US, I am Korean American and I was looking to make many Korean friends to help me get in touch with my culture and heritage. I love and it is ...
Gender : Male
Age : 32
Live in : Amerika Syarikat
HiI am Nicoles, I m a Mexican American throwaway looking to digest other cultures. There s a ton of multiculturalism all around Los Angeles but, some times it seems veritable learning comes through in...
Gender : Female
Age : 18
Live in : Jepun
안녕하세요 한국어를 배우고 있는 일본인이에요 누구든지 부담없이 연락주세요 기달리고 있어요한국인랑 친구가 되고싶어요 ㅜㅜ 잘부탁해요아직 한국어 잘 못해서 번역기 쓰고 있...
Gender : Female
Age : 49
Live in : Jepun
Hi Everyone. I am learning English and looking for someone speak to me in English. My hobby are Yoga ,outdoor activities, reading Books, History, Japanese folklore etc. If you are interested in Japan ...
Gender : Female
Age : 31
Live in : Jepun
안녕하세요 わたしは大分 오이타 に住んでる90年生まれの日本人です 韓国が大好きで 韓国には20回くらい行きました 笑 でも韓国語はまだまだ未熟ですㅜㅜ 一緒に勉強したりたくさん...
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