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Geschlecht : Female
Age : 19
Wohnort : Italy
Hello, my name is Edna Most pf my friends call me Aera i was born in italy still live in italy but my parents are from Nigeria, Africa so i speak Italian and English I really don t know a what to say ...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 25
Wohnort : Philippines
My name is Riza. I m interested in Korean culture and I study Korean on my spare time. I like listening to Kpop and Korean songs. I am hoping to find Korean friend her...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 16
Wohnort : United States
Hello my name is Jennifer. I am trying to make some friends from around the world. I also want to learn Korean and learn more about the culture. I hope to visit korea in the future and maybe even live...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 22
Wohnort : Turkey
Hi everyoneI am from Istanbul and a student at university now. I just want to meet with new people and making friends. Do not hesitate pleas...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 24
Wohnort : Turkey
안녕하세요 25살 터키인입니다 ㅎ 제 이름은 엘리프입니다 한국어를 할 수 있지만 아직 부족한거 많아요. 이해해주세용 한국 친구 갖고싶어서 가입했습니다짧은 대화가 아닌 오랫동안 친...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 26
Wohnort : Korea
대한민국에 사는 92년생 남자입니다 일본인 친구를 사귀고싶습니다 일본어도 배우고싶어요 후쿠오카에 놀러갑니다 일본문화에 관심이많습니다 오사카에 다녀온적이 있습니다 친해지고 ...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 17
Wohnort : United States
Hey im ciera, i model part time, im an arts and fashion marketing student. Just text me im a native english speaker and i live in North beach, San Francisco, cali. Im more or less fluent in japanese, ...
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