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Geschlecht : Female
Age : 24
Wohnort : Korea
HiMy name is Jeong eun Lee. I m 23 years old, live in korea. I m college student. My major is the early childhood education. I have an interest about the various countries. And I would like to learn t...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 16
Wohnort : United States
Kat. 16 03 .I speak Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. I can help you with English if you d like tho I speak in soft stan terms and teenage white girl lol. Send me a message and I ll get back to you as s...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 22
Wohnort : Canada
Thanks for visiting my profile My name is Paola, I m 22 and from Canada. I m not really sure what to write about myself lol, I m an ambivert, and I love to draw, read, write and also listening to musi...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 34
Wohnort : Philippines
Hi trying to learn Korean and Japanese language as I am so in love with their culture and Food. I like traveling from time to time, been to most southeast Asian countries. Can teach you English or if ...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 28
Wohnort : Japan
こんにちは はじめまして 英語と韓国語を少しずつ勉強しています よかったらお友達になって下...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 34
Wohnort : Japan
はじめまして私は韓国の男性です 日本語は上手くないですがそれでも良ければ仲良くなりたいです 日本について教えていただけますでしょうか 今は千葉に留学できました 長く連絡で...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 23
Wohnort : Japan
I m studying design in Japan. Who understands Japanese are welcome as well People who do not care about the appearance are goo...
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