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Gender : Mies
Age : 60
Asuinmaa : Japani
Hello everyoneMy name is ToshiI am marriedMy hobbies are travel and motor cycleI would like to Snail MailI am waiting for a messageThank yo...
Gender : Mies
Age : 20
Asuinmaa : Japani
はじめまして 東京に住んでます 春から大学3年生の99年生まれです 最近 韓国語の勉強始めたばかりです 趣味は旅行や 美味しい物を食べに行くことです 韓国はまだソウルとテグしか行...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 18
Asuinmaa : Turkki
Hi. I getting ready for colege exam this year. I like to take care of animals, play basketball. I m a loving person. I Also have interestt in different languages and cultures. I m looking for penpal. ...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 38
Asuinmaa : Senegal
i am polite well understanding with sense of humor and an excellent listener I am passionate about many things including my friends and family traveling and baking a mean chocolate to be a conversatio...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 28
Asuinmaa : Irlanti
Hi, I signed up on this website to find someone who I can practice Korean but also become friends with. If you are interested, I can help you with English or German. Over the last 4 years, I ve been l...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 19
Asuinmaa : Turkki
I speak English fluently. I can help you to improve your English and we can talk about anything like cultural things, language stuffs or etc. Feel free to send message안녕하세요반가워요한국어 조금 알아요 한국 음식 너무 좋...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 24
Asuinmaa : Turkki
안녕하세요 25살 터키인입니다 ㅎ 제 이름은 엘리프입니다 한국어를 할 수 있어요 한국 친구 갖고싶어서 가입했습니다오랫동안 친하게 지낼 수 있는 친구를 필요로 합니다 남녀 부담없이...
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