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Sexe : Femme
Âge : 17
Vit en : Royaume-Uni
HiI m Megan, I d love to send snail mail D I love to draw, paint, read and take photos. I also love playing videogames, watching lots of movies and listening to a variety of music. I hope to hear from...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 22
Vit en : Turquie
Hi, I like meeting new people and getting to know different cultures. I want to improve on English German and Korean. I love trav...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 21
Vit en : Etats-Unis d'Amérique
HowdyMy name is Iris I’m 21 and I’m from Texas. I m Mexican American and fluent in both English and Spanish and interested in Korean, Thai, French, and Tagalog. I m a student who is studying environme...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 40
Vit en : Turquie
Hello. My name is Nilg n .I am 36 years old. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I work on Calligraphy and I am interested in East culture. Especially, for calligraphy and traditional arts. I also try to lear...
Sexe : Homme
Âge : 34
Vit en : Corée du Sud
Hello, I was born 85 years living in Korea Busan hyuk I like hiking, and would love to cook .안녕 나는 85년 동안 한국 부산에서 살면서 태어났어 나는 하이킹을 좋아하고 요리하는 것을 좋아해. I m doing my work to m...
Sexe : Homme
Âge : 38
Vit en : Japon
안녕하세요. 일본 사람과 친하게 지내고 싶은 한국 사람입니다. 이야기 할 사람이 없어서 일본어로든 한국어로든 이야기 하고싶어서요 연령 상관없어요. 만남, 전화, 사진 요구도 안합니...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 25
Vit en : Turquie
I m bored as hell Feel free to talk. Funny guys and weirdos are welcome. I m interested in animes mangas games and sports Not looking for relationship. About me. 25 years old Capricorn I am an interio...
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