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Sesso : Femminile
Age : 28
Live in : Giappone
はじめまして 韓国の食べ物 歌手 ドラマが 好きで興味を持ちました 韓国語は出来ませんが仲良くしてくれる人は連絡してください 楽に話せる人がいいです プロフィール無いと返信し...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 39
Live in : Regno Unito
Hi everyone. I would love to make new friends worldwide and learn about different cultures, especially from countries such as Korea. It would be exciting to find people who have similar interests to m...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 34
Live in : Corea del Sud
Hi, I don t want to learn languages hard. I want to learn English and Japanese through everyday conversations like a baby learns a language. You learn Korean and I will learn your language. I am offic...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 21
Live in : Indonesia
Hi, i m 21 y. o I want to be friends with anyone who can hear all problems, give solutions, also like to tell about anything. Someone please text me, and let s talk about a lot of thing...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 43
Live in : Giappone
旅行とゲームが大好きです 海外も行きます いろいろな国の人と知り合いたいと思ってます 日常とかいろいろな話しが出来たらいいなと思います 生活や景色など写真の交換が出来たら...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 60
Live in : Finlandia
I m a Finnish male looking for new friends not a romance, I m living in a steady relationship .I really love to meeting new people and getting to know their way of living. I am very energetic, young ...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 27
Live in : Filippine
Hi. 만나서 반가워요. My name is Cris and I m 27 years old. I m interested to meet international friends and to learn Hangul. I love watching Sageuk series or movies that s why I wanted to learn the korean la...
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