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性別 : 男性
年齢 : 55
居住地 : コートジボワール
salut suis nouveau sur ce site je l ai connu par le biais de mon coll gue au service et j aimerai me faire de nombreux amis alors n’h sitez pas a me r pondre ou a mcrire car je me ferais un plaisir de...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 29
居住地 : 韓国
일본어는 아직 번역기를 쓰고 있습니다. 일본 여행과 음식을 많이 좋아합니다 시간이 있으면 자주 일본 여행을 가고 있어요서로 언어랑 문화를 알려주면서 친해지면 좋겠습니다日本語は...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 28
居住地 : その他
Hola I hope u r all doing fine. First of all thank u for visiting my penpal page. I m very excited to being here for cultural exchangeing. Likewise i can say that this site s making habit over time. H...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 48
居住地 : 韓国
はじめまして 私はソウルに住んでいて, 日本語を勉強したり日本のドラマを見ることが好きです 週末には家族とグルメに行ったり, 旅行も好きです お互い話がうまく通じる彼女を探し...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 22
居住地 : ベルギー
Hi, I would like to go to South Korea next year and so I would like to meet Korean people to learn to speak Korean and at the same time make good friends...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 31
居住地 : 韓国
Hi I ve just joined in this site to make foreign friends and keep in touch with them I live in Seoul and I enjoy playing sports and computer games Those of you like playing LoL feel free to give me a ...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 40
居住地 : トルコ
Hello. My name is Nilg n .I am 36 years old. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I work on Calligraphy and I am interested in East culture. Especially, for calligraphy and traditional arts. I also try to lear...
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