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Классные друзья по переписке с фото!

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Пол : Женский
Возраст : 35
Live in : Япония
日本語しか話せませんが 海外に住む方と仲良くなりたいです ディズニグアム 韓国 カメラ 台湾ドラマが好き 一眼レフで風景やお花を撮ったり ディズニーではアトラクションよりパレ...
Пол : Мужской
Возраст : 15
Live in : Южная Корея
こんにちは中学3年生韓国人です この間に日本旅行を行くましたが その後 日本に大きな興味が生じて勉強をみるしようとします まだ完全秒表示のために翻訳を利用して文章を書いて...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 27
Live in : Турция
Hello. My name is Eda. I wanna friends from all over the world. Long term friendships. I like to watch movies series, listen to music, sing, spend time on internet, chat with my friends, take photos, ...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 18
Live in : Турция
Hi My name is Esin and I m 18 years old. I live in Turkey. My hobbies; singing, painting and dancing. Please don t be rud...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 44
Live in : Великобритания
Hi everyone. I would love to make new friends worldwide and learn about different cultures, especially from countries such as Korea. It would be exciting to find people who have similar interests to m...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 21
Live in : США
HeyI am interested in a lot of things like peoples background and their interests. I would like to meet friends from other countries or if you live in U. S. That s cool tooI like exercising, drawing a...
Пол : Мужской
Возраст : 60
Live in : Япония
Hello everyoneMy name is ToshiI am marriedMy hobbies are travel and motor cycleI would like to Snail MailI am waiting for a messageThank yo...
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