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Gender : Female
Age : 18
Live in : Turkey
HiMy name is Zeynep. l am from Turkey. I love all Asian countries. let s be friends. please, Good people send message...
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Gender : Female
Age : 23
Live in : Korea
한국인입니다종종 일본인으로 오해 하시네요 ㅠㅠ こんにちは韓国に住んでいるHyeinです 1995年生まれです 友達たくさん付き合いたいです たくさん親しくなれば手紙もやりとりしたい ...
Gender : Female
Age : 21
Live in : Philippines
HiI m Mary from Philippines. I m interested to various culture, since I m studying Foreign Languages. I can also teach you Filipino and English language. Feel free to email me. I will reply immediatel...
Gender : Male
Age : 28
Live in : Korea
名古屋に住んでいます 釜山 ヨフンと言います 仲良くなったら一緒に遊んでカフェ おいしいものも食べてそして言語を交換することができればいいですね 親しくしましょう 多くの人...
Gender : Female
Age : 18
Live in : United States
Hi, I m a 18 years old college student. I love learning about other cultures. Looking forward to making friend...
Gender : Male
Age : 33
Live in : China
Hi Nowadays I have started to study Japanese language Although it is little hard to only study after work alone, but I keep studying as much as possible. There, where I am now, is no one who speaks Ja...
Gender : Female
Age : 27
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요 일본에 사는 91년생 직장인입니다 한국어 자격증 공부를 하고 있는데 주변에 한국친구가 별로 없어서. 언어교환할 수 있는 친구를 찾고 있습니다친해지면 일본이나 한국에서 ...
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