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Gender : Female
Age : 16
Live in : France
hey J ai 16ans je suis Fran aise et j aime beaucoup parler et faire connaissance avec des personnes de diff rents pays .j aime en particulier l’Asie j adore la k pop et la musique viet J apprend l ang...
Gender : Female
Age : 28
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요. K pop을 들으면서 한국어를 공부하고 싶다고 생각했습니다 독학으로 공부하기 시작한지 ​​얼마 만, 언젠가 한국에 여행에 갔을 때 스스로 한국어를 이야기 해보고 싶다고 ...
Gender : Female
Age : 17
Live in : Turkey
Hi everyone im Esra i opened hipenpal because of find good friends and pls be polite thx for reading I have talk and Instagr...
Gender : Female
Age : 56
Live in : France
Hi!I m Odile, a french woman, 56 years old, living in south of France, near the town of Montpellier. I m divorced, have 3 sons, and work as social worker full time. I have many hobies, like walking in...
Gender : Male
Age : 24
Live in : Korea
こんにちは韓国に住んでいる25歳の男です 日本旅行を行って来た後 日本文化についてもっと学んでみ友達も付き合いたく登録しました 日本語を学んだことがなくてよく分からないが...
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Live in : Korea
こんにちは 私は韓国に住んでいる22才の学生です 日本の文化 映画 音楽 そして日本の友達を作りたいて加入しました 日本語を教えてくれる方!韓国語を学びたい人たちは必ずメールく...
Gender : Male
Age : 20
Live in : Korea
안녕하세요 일본에 관심이 많아서 일본인 친구를 사귀고 싶습니다 메일 많이 보내주세요 그리고 저의 취미는 음악감상입니다 취미가 같은 사람은 더욱 좋을것같아요Hello, I am Korean born in 19...
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