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Gender : Male
Age : 25
Live in : Korea
Hello. I am a Korean. I am studying English hard. I m here to improve my English and get to know new people. Please send a message if your goals match. I want to meet a true frien...
Gender : Female
Age : 27
Live in : Japan
你好 我想结交中国朋友 我最近喜欢C POP 我还不会说中文 .한국을 좋아하는 일본인입니다 오랫동안 사귈 수 있는 친구를 원합니다 친해지면 편지나 선물을 교환하고 싶습니다 한국어를 모...
Gender : Male
Age : 36
Live in : Korea
안녕하세요 착한 한국 사람입니다. 일본 드라마와 문화를 좋아해서 일본어를 공부하고 있어요. 일본에 아직 안 가봤어요. 기회가 있으면 가고 싶어요. 일본 음식도 먹어싶어요. 잘 부탁해...
Gender : Female
Age : 23
Live in : Turkey
Hello everyoneI am glad to see you on my profile. I am Ozge from Turkey. I graduated from the department of english language teaching. I am here to improve my English and find penpal. If you want to b...
Gender : Male
Age : 36
Live in : Korea
はじめまして. 韓国に関心がある日本人の友達を探しています 私は韓国に住んでる35歳の男性です 日本語は昔から勉強しましたが 忘れてしまって改めて勉強しようと思います 勉強に...
Gender : Female
Age : 29
Live in : Indonesia
Hi I m from Indonesia i would like to exchange culture, language, and share many things about our country. i hope to learn and make new friends he...
Gender : Male
Age : 21
Live in : Australia
Hi안녕하세요ㅎ Im a student living abroad. I want to learn more about other countries and cultures. Specially I would like to speak more english, since I need more improvementI can tell you about my home co...
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