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Gender : Male
Age : 20
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요저는 일본 사람이에요. 지금 한국어를 공부 하지만 별로 말할 수 없어요. 얘기하고 친해지고 싶어요. 잘 부탁합니다こんにちは 仲良くできる韓国人の友達が欲しくて登録しま...
Gender : Male
Age : 18
Live in : Korea
おはようございます ソウルに住んでいる韓国人です 他の国の人と対話するのが好きです 日本の友達に会いたいです 日本の漫画と映画を面白く見ました 日本語を習ってみたいです 運...
Gender : Female
Age : 21
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요 저는 97년생 여자예요. 카호는 본명이 아님니다. 본명은 대화를하고 친해지면 알려드릴게요저는 아스트로와 한국이 너무 좋아서 독학으로 한국어를 습득했어요일상대화를 통...
Gender : Female
Age : 19
Live in : United States
Hello, my name is Lakeycia. My nickname is Ke. Please call me ke. Hahaha. I’m here to search for a penpal to help me learn Korean. It would also be cool to learn Japanese I would like to visit Korea a...
Gender : Female
Age : 34
Live in : Japan
旅行が好きで 先日は韓国へ行って来ました観光関係の仕事をしています 語学勉強したいと思い始めました 日常会話程度は出来るようになりたいので 語学を教えて下さる方を探してい...
Gender : Female
Age : 36
Live in : United States
Hello, I am a fluent English speaker, born and raised in the United States. I am open to help anyone learn English. I m hoping others would be willing to help me in Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. I am ...
Gender : Female
Age : 17
Live in : France
Hi, 안녕하세요, holaMy name is Constance, I’m 17. I’m a student in the scientific field but I like learning new languages. Here, I would like to learn korean, to improve my spanish and to have new friends ...
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