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24,Aug 2013 09:14 PM
25,Oct 2014 04:04 AM
I love it!! It's really addictive ♥

How about you?
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Love the BreakDown Part. Especially in the video! Such sexy dance moves! ㅋㅋㅋ
BluYeoja | 17,Mar 2014
S_RIRI | 17,Mar 2014
Seungri l love you
seungri2 | 19,Jan 2014
very awesome but seung ri didn't win the musicprogram so i'm sorry to seung ri
wbgoods | 05,Oct 2013
after seungri made some bad things that japan girl i stopped to listen him or watch him wideos but this album is perfect! I really liked all songs im listening him album from morning until the night ^^ my best is gg be =)
seungrii be good guy!
turkish vip loves you!
asi_ye | 04,Oct 2013
Seungri♥♥♥♥ He always awesome!!!! BABY PANDA♥ I LOVE YOU ㅠㅠ
fnglsks | 28,Sep 2013
I love BIGBANG!♡
bbvi12 | 15,Sep 2013
I love BigBang!! :)
It's nice song from Seungri! :)
pelin06 | 15,Sep 2013
The big bang. is awsome show love amy
wicca | 08,Sep 2013
PandaRi ♥ I love U ♥
sudemum6 | 05,Sep 2013
하.... 사랑해요 ...★ 오늘 밤 화신 꼭 본다♥
mariana3 | 27,Aug 2013
So awesome!:) ♥.♥
ilovegd | 27,Aug 2013
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