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Rap god
13,Feb 2014 12:46 AM
13,Jul 2014 05:42 PM
Eminem!! He is the best rapper in the world. Check it out 4:25! It`s awesome!
Total comment(s) :11 fast.. haha.
dabin S2 | 13,Jul 2014
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Good very good
Hasaebe | 14,Apr 2014
i love it
rlfnfn21 | 26,Feb 2014
I really love it!!
zoey403 | 26,Feb 2014
에미넴이 최고임 ㅋㅋ
josh2435 | 25,Feb 2014
his rap is really amazing,isn't it?
eminem is so awesome!!!
nari3477 | 24,Feb 2014
에미넴은 넘사벽이지. 크.....
sispo | 24,Feb 2014
He's always been and he will always be the king ♥
bubble63 | 23,Feb 2014
Have that song on a repeat for days now^^♡ He's the best!:D
Ivy701 | 23,Feb 2014
True that!
rupali21 | 14,Feb 2014
Rap god은진리야♡
imjeong | 13,Feb 2014
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