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Evening make up. Like or not?^^
17,May 2016 07:43 PM
03,Jun 2018 02:06 PM
Evening make up (to party or club) with black eyes.
Do you like it or not?^^
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Total comment(s) :12
so ctue
boutique | 08,Mar 2018
I like it!!
tmadoka | 01,Mar 2018
like it very much!!! Great skills (´•༝•`)
drkho | 02,Feb 2017
Pretty good ~~~~♡
jun-_- | 06,Jan 2017
No, it looks good.
qkek00 | 01,Jan 2017
kms3691 | 14,Jun 2016
darkavata | 14,Jun 2016
Very pretty make up, girl.
amanda_c | 26,May 2016
I think the picture above. it is good
eunsp0423 | 18,May 2016
anju | 18,May 2016
Second picture is the best!! I think

You pretty!
sangun00 | 17,May 2016
Looks great :)
vinury | 17,May 2016
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