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Monster~Lucky one
08,Jun 2016 06:15 PM
02,Mar 2018 08:43 PM
Hi! French EXO-L here!
I just saw the 2 new EXO MVs
Which one do you prefer? ^^
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Total comment(s) :6
miki30 | 02,Mar 2018
I like moster version!
sen22 | 26,Jun 2016
i like monster most:)
erikiucs | 24,Jun 2016
lucky for sure >_<
juwaline | 24,Jun 2016
I have to say, Lucky One has a really interesting MV. But overall, I like the concept of Monster more. The song is amazing too!!
fanciful | 23,Jun 2016
Monster!! :)
shu91 | 09,Jun 2016
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