my drawings
29,Dec 2016 08:28 PM
06,Jul 2017 07:40 PM
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GOT Arya
grayscale study
webtoon? ^^
AOA Choa
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Realy amazing! Vallahi tebrikler :D
munife | 06,Jul 2017
Amazing, excellent, paramount ... perfect!
bogalyub | 17,Jun 2017
Wow, amazing... especially I liked the second one. Buradaki türklerin gururu oldun :D
fine1 | 16,Jun 2017
Oh a digital artist!
I liked the third one :)
kelesmrv | 16,Jun 2017
I've totally fallen in love with the second drawing, really amazing
annka | 12,Jan 2017
Beautiful !!!
hennie | 08,Jan 2017
Love the pic of Arya stark.
jdh949 | 31,Dec 2016
Thank you, im glad u love it
meastx | 31,Dec 2016
Charlotte215 | 30,Dec 2016
Choa good!!!
woojin91 | 29,Dec 2016
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