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포식과 피식. '포피포피'
24,Sep 2017 06:59 PM
24,Sep 2017 06:59 PM
Sep 08th
In process sketching.
First, Have to mark on the paper with pencil to see gradation easliy.
Sep 09th
Painting base color.
I wanted to paint that dots to
Vandyke Brown, so I painted the dots to Lemon Yellow to tone up.
Sep 10th ~ 11th
In process to tone up......
I mixed lil bit of Burnt Umber to Vandyke brown.
Sep 12th
Thinking about good matching color to deer, the deer eat grass, so I thought green color will fit to deer.
The deer was Painted color mixed Permanent Green and varidian Hue.
Sep 13th
To avoid hiding the deer hehind dots, I highlighted edge of the deer on dots.

-Predator, prey
-Drawn with pencil, watercolor
-On Kent paper
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