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Short trip to Saint Petersburg
15,May 2018 03:40 AM
22,May 2018 02:47 PM
It's great two days trip to Saint Petersburg.
It's so beautiful city. In this city in this city is intertwined a lot of culture and everything and breathes the majestic royal architecture. It's royal city. City of the queens and kings
In first day I took the sightseeing tour through the canals of St. Petersburg. It's good way to see almost all main buildings and palaces.
And you can see drawbridges. But the better way to see drawbridges in the night when they work.
After sightseeing one of the best option take a walk to the summer garden, there is so peaceful place, where you can escape from city's noise.
You can enjoy, nice cafe and fountains. And it was the favorite place of Peter the Great. He loved sat in the cafe and he enjoyed the view as the Neva River went to the Gulf of Finland.
At the second day, for whole day I went to the Peterhof. It's the most beautiful place, where you must go in Saint Petersburg.
It's big territory of palaces and fountains. And the main fountain is gold fountain goliath with lion.
There are a lot of fountains, you can find there small and big, and all of tgem will be different subject.
The Peterhof was reconstructed, but they tried to restore the original appearance
The Saint Petersburg is the city of the History. If you want to touch and become a part of the Russian history. You definitely should come there.
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Its beautiful city!!
codmswjd | 22,May 2018
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