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Studying korean
26,Jul 2018 05:04 PM
09,Aug 2018 01:28 PM
Learning korean together:p
Step by step i am gonna learning korean
For the present i know 16words
İt will be 100
Later will be 1000~~
But its sometimes boring to stuying even Korean is interesting
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와우 정말 열심히 하시네요^^ 근데 몇가지만 수정해드리자면
'안이요' 의 경우 'ㄴ'이 뒤로 넘어가서 '아니요' 라고써요! 그리구 '뭐에요' 라고 씁니다. '예요'는 '이에요'를 줄인 표현입니다~^^
leekart4 | 09,Aug 2018
귀여워요 ~열심히하세요
yk0858 | 02,Aug 2018
audgus86 | 29,Jul 2018
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