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Hmm, i cant choose
11,Apr 2020 08:16 AM
13,Apr 2020 08:15 AM
First or secondddd???
-Absolutely, mood... ×_×-
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The first is good color ratio, black and white combinations are good.
qia77 | 12,Apr 2020
Hmm, thank u :))
jae-jae | 13,Apr 2020
I think the first one is adorable
Miguel Son | 11,Apr 2020
Ahh~ thx :3
jae-jae | 12,Apr 2020
I think the first one is cute and professional! But the second one is also cute! Tough decision!! Go for the first one!^^
Shamanga | 11,Apr 2020
OK baby! Thx :))
jae-jae | 12,Apr 2020