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14,Apr 2020 09:24 PM
12,May 2020 05:43 PM
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형님 사진 멋져요
dgbsj | 12,May 2020
angekiut | 09,May 2020
우와 진짜 이쁘네요. 사진도 되게 이쁘게 잘 찍으시구. 한국도 벚꽃 올해 좀 길게 폈는데 코로나 때문에 제대로 즐기지도 못하고 보내버렸네요 ㅠㅠㅠ
hapacooa | 17,Apr 2020
Wow, this is like Heaven! I have not seen Sakura and I wish I could see them!! This place is so much like a mortal Paradise!!^^
Shamanga | 15,Apr 2020
Wow, these are so pretty! I love cherry blossoms, they're my favorite flower. And they look wonderful at night! It must have been an amazing experience to see these in person like that.
ariana88 | 14,Apr 2020
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