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Indian drink
09,May 2020 09:25 AM
11,May 2020 02:07 AM
I could to live the experience of taste this indian drink, is very sweet, have much cream flavor. Like an ice cream, very fresh. So, it has fruits vitamin that come of pineapple with vanilla.
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i want a drink it. im really want it lol
cwy0224 | 10,May 2020
It's very delicious, maybe you can search for Indian restaurants on google maps. :D
angekiut | 11,May 2020
No doubt your indian drink tastes yummy!
Keep to share your experiences please:)
Ozge-91 | 10,May 2020
Of course!!! thank you very much I'm so excited to show my pictures
angekiut | 11,May 2020
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