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오늘 찍은 사진들ㅎㅎ today's pics
11,Jul 2020 09:44 AM
14,Jul 2020 06:59 PM
사진 어떤거 제일 좋아요? Which one looks good?
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첫번째가 제일잘나오셨네요
wcn04038 | 14,Jul 2020
감사해요! ㅎㅎ 첫번째 사진으로 프사했어요^^
Yseulee | 14,Jul 2020
That's really cool. I like the first picture the most.
ongji046 | 14,Jul 2020
Thank you! I just changed my profile pic with that :)
Yseulee | 14,Jul 2020
they are all good
alstjr00 | 14,Jul 2020
Thank you~
Yseulee | 14,Jul 2020
pretty :)
lucymar | 13,Jul 2020
Thank you~^^
Yseulee | 13,Jul 2020
Oh, wait. I just realized, you probably mean which picture looks best, not which outfit. Lol I’m so silly, my bad :P Well in that case, I think the second one maybe, but honestly you look good in all of them!
ariana88 | 11,Jul 2020
Yes I didn't ask my outfit I was talking about which pic looks best hahahaha it's ok! Second one? Ahh okay thank you so much! :)
Yseulee | 11,Jul 2020
Umm no offense, but isn’t it the same outfit in every picture...? Or maybe I just can’t tell the difference XD. But anyway, it’s a fashionable outfit for sure, you look really pretty ^_^
ariana88 | 11,Jul 2020
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