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Are you Elsa?
17,Jun 2014 07:05 PM
27,Mar 2017 11:13 PM
I saw a news,it's about an American girl called Anna Faith.She is model.When she put on Elsa clothes, just like the cartoon people walk out.It's so interesting.
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Let it go~ Let it go~ :)
spinato | 27,Mar 2017
Good Job
hijunho | 17,Aug 2015
I love it.
yiming | 31,Jul 2015
싱크로율 봐... 와~~
jgs456 | 02,Jul 2015
dln0723 | 20,Jun 2015
Are you costume player?
I'm play to it korea
wlsghk93 | 07,Apr 2015
Soooo pretty!!
jdc06014 | 26,Feb 2015
choiyw05 | 15,Feb 2015
Literately, she is so amazing more than I describe a thing in the world.
kjsd1030 | 12,Feb 2015
ssuoyjs | 12,Feb 2015
Wow, she really does resemble like her.
mimi4 | 06,Aug 2014
She really looks alike..:)
jacklean | 03,Aug 2014
She is wonderful.
akumuri | 18,Jun 2014
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