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Some works
25,Dec 2016 11:35 AM
08,May 2017 01:56 AM
Umm...It's my work about 1 month ago. It's really different from next one, I know. Style, used color, even my tools are changed.
It's a really old one from my works. During that time, I extremely like to draw something about eyes. So, as you see, it's one of them.
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Beautiful ! colors remind me a french artist : Matisse. Maybe you know him :) Have a nice day !
hadjerpa | 08,May 2017
that's colorful good! I think You know how to set colors well:) keep going!^^
sum04 | 26,Mar 2017
kang92 | 18,Mar 2017
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Thanks a lot. ^^
kawazoe | 22,Mar 2017
awesome first pic
riskamo | 26,Dec 2016
Thanks, it's one of my series. Now, there are 3 different works. Maybe next time, I would post the others.
kawazoe | 26,Dec 2016
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