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Gender : Female
Age : 42
Live in : Japan
はじめまして • • K POP・コスメ・ファッショングルメ・韓国ドラマ 大好きです 韓国語や日本語を教えあったりして 長く続けられるお友達に なりたいです たくさんお話が 出来たら...
Gender : Male
Age : 39
Live in : Greece
Hello. I am Chris, from Athens, Greece. I am here to make friends and to also help people. I like music, films, sports, nature, walking, summer, sweets, and many other things, and I care about people ...
Gender : Male
Age : 52
Live in : Japan
Hello, Happy WorldI am Takayuki. I am single, and respectable Japanese male. I am 178cm tall and weigh 75kg. Recently I just have known that my beloved sweetheart was trouble maker. She asked me to se...
Gender : Female
Age : 33
Live in : Japan
私は韓国が大好きで韓国語をこれから勉強しようと思ってます 趣味は音楽鑑賞と旅行 おしゃれをする事です お互いの文化や言語でいろいろ交流したいなと思ってます 私は日本語を教...
Gender : Female
Age : 22
Live in : Korea
한국에 사는 18살 여고생이에요 외국인 친구들 많이 만들고 싶고요 일본친구도 꼭 만들고 싶어요 그리고 서로 편지도 주고받고 선물도 서로 보내주는 인연을 만들고 싶어요 메일보내주...
Gender : Male
Age : 24
Live in : Korea
Hi My name is Seungwon Lee. I was born in Korea in 1995. I want to make International friend because I want to learn about various languages and cultures especially German and Japanese. But I can spea...
Gender : Female
Age : 23
Live in : Turkey
Hi guys im Oznur from Turkey and 23 years old im collage student. Like to communicate with a lot of people. i am interested in foreign countries, cultures and want to learn the language. Looking good ...
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