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Gender : Female
Age : 27
Live in : France
Hello My name is CecileI would like to correspond with people all over the world but particularly in Asia South Korea, Japan. In America, Europe Italy, England. and AustraliaLikes and Interests Music,...
Gender : Male
Age : 24
Live in : Korea
こんにちは 僕はLeeです 僕は旅行とアニメーションと音楽が好きです 僕は来年に日本へワーキングホリデーに行く予定なので 日本語を一生懸命学びたいです 僕に日本語を教えてくれ...
Gender : Female
Age : 16
Live in : Turkey
Hi, I m daisy. This is not the real step. I love this flower. That s why I gave myself this nickname. I m on this site because I want to meet new people and make friends. I also want to improve my Eng...
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Live in : Korea
안녕하세요 며칠전부터 일본어를 혼자서 독학하고 있습니다 언어교환을 하고 싶어서 가입하게 되었습니다. 서로 언어교환을 할 수 있는 친구를 사귀고 싶어요 こんばんは 数日前から日...
Gender : Female
Age : 33
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요. 나는 일본에 사는 여성입니다 K pop을 듣게 한국을 좋아하게되었습니다. 한국 여행도 갔다. 좋아하는 나라의 말을 기억하고 싶어서 한국의 친구를 갖고 싶어서 등록했습니다. ...
Gender : Female
Age : 41
Live in : Japan
韓国語の勉強のために登録しました 趣味は映画 音楽 読書です お互いの文化や日常の話が出来たら嬉しいです 長く交流できる方希望です 既婚なので恋愛目的の方はお断りします よろ...
Gender : Male
Age : 26
Live in : Japan
こんにちは HelloI am japanese and I call it shin I thought that I would like to interact with people of all nationalities. It is a type that can be understood with anyone. My hobbies are watching movies an...
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