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Gender : Nainen
Age : 23
Asuinmaa : Japani
안녕하세요나는 한국을 정말 좋아하는 96년생입니다방탄소년단에 빠져 있어서 좋아하는 사람 있으면 많은 이야기하고 싶습니다 드라마 음악 메이크업 패션 음식 모두 흥미가 있습니다서...
Gender : Mies
Age : 26
Asuinmaa : Yhdysvallat
HelloMy name is JacobI am 26 years old. I live in the United States. I love to learn about different countries and languagesLet us be frien...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 27
Asuinmaa : Yhdistyneet arabiemiirikunnat
Hi there, I m JCurrently learning Korean and Japanese language. I’m taking some lessons through Youtube, language apps and books with Korean Japanese English translation. I am presently working here i...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 35
Asuinmaa : Japani
韓国語に興味があって勉強を始めました 友達になって 韓国語を教えてくれる人を募集しています 日本語しか話せないので 日本語が話せる人がいいです 写メの無い人には返信できま...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 25
Asuinmaa : Yhdysvallat
I m currently trying to learn Korean. I started learning hangeul first so I thought it would help to chat with native speakers as a way of practice. 나는 현재 한국어를 배우려고 노력하고 있습니다. 나는 한글을 먼저 배우기...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 47
Asuinmaa : Etelä-Korea
안녕하세요 반갑습니다. 한국 남자와 결혼하고 일산에서 사는 일본인이에요. 한국에 와서 학교이나 문화센터에서 공부 했지만 발음이 너무 어려워서 2년간 지나서도 한국어로 회화가 거의...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 21
Asuinmaa : Etelä-Korea
Hello. Nice to meet you. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I m korean. I want to know about culture and food of other countries. So I want to talk to many world friends. My hobbies are playing games...
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