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Sesso : Femminile
Age : 25
Live in : Giappone
안녕하세요 한국어 공부를 하면서 좋은 친구가 생기면 좋겠어요 일본어를 공부하고 있는 사람이 있으면 모르는 것을 질문해줘요 조금이라도 도움이 된다면 좋겠구요 お互いの助けにな...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 45
Live in : Stati Uniti
I am looking for pen pals to broaden my horizon I can help with English teach me your language I m willing to talk about anythi...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 21
Live in : Francia
Hi everybodyp My name is Wendy, I m a Norman and I m here to make friends and exchange about different cultures and languages, I ve lived in South Korea on my own for 1 year and half at Busan, Bucheon...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 50
Live in : Corea del Sud
hi, I am Sean living in Suwon near Seoul, Korea. i love nature and travelling. have been living alone teaching English for more than 15 years. hope to make many friends here. please feel free to conta...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 33
Live in : Turchia
Hello, I want to have Korean friends. I want to improve my English. I love getting to know different cultures, I love South Korean culture and foo...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 44
Live in : Corea del Sud
こんにちは 私は一人で日本語を勉強しています しかし 実力向上がうまくできません ㅠㅠ 助けが必要です 韓國語に関心があったり 韓國の友だちが必要でしたらメールください 韓國語...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 22
Live in : Corea del Sud
こんにちは 私は韓国に住んでいる22歳の男性です 私の趣味は料理です 普段にも日本に興味があって 日本に関するものをよく探してみて 日本のドラマや音楽もよく聞く方です 小さい...
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