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性別 : 女性
年齢 : 23
居住地 : 日本
Instagram hooyou ar 안녕하세요현재 일본 오키나와에 살고있는 한국인입니다. 내년 2018년 5월 까지 있을거에요 아직 일본어를 잘 못해서. T T 같이 공부할 친구를 찾고있습니다언제든지 연락주...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 17
居住地 : トルコ
HiI’m Acelya. I live in Turkey. I want make new friends. Whatever your culture and language, I want to learn and meet people from different cultures. If you want to learn something about Turkish cultu...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 24
居住地 : 中国
hello everyone. nice to meet you. i m 24years old i want find friend all over the world. find life long friendship. i like reading watch movie. go hiking like learn language love animals. like compute...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 30
居住地 : 韓国
Hello. Would you be my friend I like movies, animations and musics. I m studying English and will try to study Japanese. I prepare to be the company instructor so I would like to learn many things. Se...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 18
居住地 : 日本
안녕하세요저는 18살입니다 한국어를 배우고 싶습니다 친구도 만들고 싶습니다 친하게 된다면 내가 한국에 갔을 때 안내와 놀거나 하고 싶습니다많이 공부하고 여러분과 말하고 싶습니...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 20
居住地 : 韓国
Hello I’m LangKorean I’m University student majoring in education. Junior. I want to be your friendI’ve been Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Philippines. I like travel, taking landscape phot...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 36
居住地 : デンマーク
Hi All Ive always wanted to try pen paling but have never gotten around to it so now is the time I am of course very new at this so bare with me I like to make some new friends and hear about your cul...
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