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성별 : 여성
나이 : 25
거주지 : 아루바
Hi. My name is Charlie. I m from a small tropical island in the caribbean. My native language is Papiamento. I can speak 5 panguages. My hobbies are Art, Photography and films. Here to make friends. A...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 37
거주지 : 일본
はじめまして 私は日本の東京に住んでいる36歳の男性です 日本語の勉強をする中で実際にお話ができる日本人の友達を作りたいと思い ここにメッセージを残します 日常の些細なこと...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 27
거주지 : 미국
Nice to meet youMy name is Ashley, but most people like to call me Sunny. I live in the United States. I am looking to meet new people and make friends. I have a puppy name Aiko. I am Interested in le...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 50
거주지 : 독일
Hi i am Tony interested in asian countries. I am interested in travelling reading writing cooking volleyball movies horror and asian martial art movies photography calligraphy asian countries and much...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 34
거주지 : 일본
안녕하세요한국친구를 사귀고싶어서 등록했어요아직 한국어 잘 못하지만 친하게 지내면서 서로 공부가 됐으면 좋겠어요 お友達が欲しいです 韓国好きな日本人のお友達も欲しい...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 37
거주지 : 대한민국
39歳女性です 日本語を学びたいです 韓国語を学びたいた方と一緒に勉強したいです 基礎から学ぶことを望んでいます 私と考えが同じであれば連絡お願いします 目的は勉強だから と...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 12
거주지 : 기타
My name is Carolina but you can call me Caro or Calis I’m interested in making friends from all over the world and learn more about them I’m 12 years old I love music movies and art My birthday is Apr...
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