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성별 : 남성
나이 : 21
거주지 : 터키
Hello GuysMy name is Koray. I work as a passanger service agent at stanbul Airport where is one of the biggest airport in the worldI used to use this website when I was Just 14 years old. I had many f...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 25
거주지 : 핀란드
Hello I’m new on this website to meet friends from everywhere exchanging ideas, messages and learning about others culture...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 50
거주지 : 세네갈
Hellol am very understanding man with good heart, and will be happy to find the same in any beautiful woman all over the world as a friend. l look forward to meet yo...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 23
거주지 : 일본
안녕하세요. 저는 일본에 살고 있는 빠른99년생 여자입니다. 어렸을 때부터 한국을 좋아해서 자주 여행합니다. 언젠가 어학 유학하고 싶다고 생각하고 있으니까 한국 친구를 만들고 싶어...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 21
거주지 : 남아프리카 공화국
Hello, it s nice to virtually meet youI m looking to make a few good friends. We can talk about anything. Please feel free to email me so we can connect and get to know each oth...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 23
거주지 : 크로아티아
HelloI m Dino from Croatia, nice to meet you all. I m mainly looking for friends from Since I recently visited and had a really good time, I would like to make some friends there to hang out with next...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 34
거주지 : 대한민국
はじめまして 日本に興味がある男性です 旅行も5回ぐらい日本に行ったことがあります 日本語を勉強してますが最近なかなか日本語を使う機会がありません 日本語の勉強続けたくて...
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