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Gender : Male
Age : 17
Live in : Japan
HelloIm Japanese and im here to improve my communication skills D I like math, anime, cars and tech stuff a lot I think I have good knowledge about those topics lol...
Gender : Male
Age : 41
Live in : Korea
日本が好きで愛するサンヒョンと申します 韓国について関心がたくさんある友達を探しています お互いの文化について一緒に勉強して お互いに旅行する時にガイドもしてくれる人が...
Gender : Female
Age : 24
Live in : Mexico
Hi thereMy name is Jaisa, nice to meet you. I m a Mexican 24 years old girl. I would like to meet people from all around the world. My English skills are not really good. But I hope we can be friends ...
Gender : Female
Age : 20
Live in : Poland
Helloノ My name is Patrycja and I m from Poland. I am friendly and talkative. I m a photography student. ๑ ᴗ I want to know more about your culture. My hobbies movies, photos, cooking, computer games, ...
Gender : Female
Age : 29
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요 94年生で大阪に住んでいます 連絡をちゃんと取れる人と仲良くしたいです 学生の時に ヶ月間だけですが韓国留学しました ほんとに少しの間で それも本当に昔なのでほと...
Gender : Female
Age : 37
Live in : Japan
Hi. nice to meet uI am japanese who is studying korean안녕하세요. 이달에 서울에가요こんにちは 初めまして 私は韓国語をお勉強している日本人です ソウルにはコロナ前に住んでいた事もあります ...
Gender : Male
Age : 53
Live in : Korea
안녕하세요 한국의 지방 도시에 살고 있고 아직 미혼입니다 일본어와 영어는 모르기 때문에 번역기에 의존 합니다 번역기라도 괜찮다고 생각하는 여자 분이시라면 편하게 연락 주세요...