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Gender : Male
Age : 41
Live in : Korea
こんにちは 文 ムン と申します 日本で 大学と大学院を卒業し 商社で働いてから 最近韓国に戻って来ました まだまだ 韓国に馴染めませんし 日本が恋しいので登録しました 普段の話...
Gender : Female
Age : 32
Live in : Turkey
안녕하세요 내가 한국어를 좀 알아요. Hi I m urban planner. I know Korean a little and i want to improve it because i want to go South Korea next summer 2020 if you interested in Turkish we can teach our language to e...
Gender : Female
Age : 26
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요오래 사귈 수 있는 친구를 만나고 싶습니다 한국에서 1년동안 유학했기때문에 한국어는 어느정도 가능합니다 하지만 더 한국어를 잘하고싶고 앞으로도 열심히 공부하고싶으...
Gender : Male
Age : 33
Live in : China
Hi Nowadays I have started to study Japanese language Although it is little hard to only study after work alone, but I keep studying as much as possible. There, where I am now, is no one who speaks Ja...
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Live in : Japan
いろんな方と知り合いたいです よろしくお願いします I want to get to know various oneThank you very much for your help. 여러 쪽라는 것을 서로 알고 싶습니다잘 부탁합니...
Gender : Female
Age : 46
Live in : Poland
HiI’m Magda from Poland. I m here, because I like writing and I’m looking for friends. I believe this is the proper place. I like nature, gardening, walking, cycling, photography, traveling, but also ...
Gender : Male
Age : 27
Live in : Korea
Hi, guysI am Brian. I am from South Korea and my age is 27. I am quite fluent in English and I am an English teacher and at the same time I am a student in a prestigious university in Korea. I had man...
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