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Gender : Male
Age : 28
Live in : Germany
Hello everyoneI m Yves, I come from Germany and I m a huge fan of Asia. I have been to Japan, Korea and China. I like photography, travel, computing etc. Nice to meet you al...
Gender : Female
Age : 16
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요 こんにちは 私は日本の広島に住む高校1年生です 日本語だけ話せます 韓国が好きなので 韓国語を勉強したいと思っています 韓国にはまだ行ったことがありません いつか...
Gender : Male
Age : 33
Live in : Korea
What s upI won t be fine because of COVID 19. The reason I write is to lift English skills up continuously and desire the growth for myself. I like to play basketball played over 20 years especially N...
Gender : Female
Age : 18
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요저는 02년생 대학생입니닷한국어를 배우고 싶습니다아직 잘 못하는게 많지만 열심히 할게용친하게해주세요오오오오저랑 이야기해주시는 사람 있었으면 매일 보내주시면 감...
Gender : Female
Age : 29
Live in : Turkey
Hello, I m Busra. I graduated from psychology and also from master degree clinical psychology. But I am a teacher for now. I don t have fluent English I realized that, my language skill getting more b...
Gender : Female
Age : 34
Live in : United States
Reliable and easy going Chocolate lover Music lover Dance coach Zumba dance Single mom Combat mee...
Gender : Female
Age : 30
Live in : Japan
いろいろな国へ海外旅行に行きたいですまだ韓国にしか行ったことがないので 他にもオススメの国があったら教えてください 韓国の人気スポットも知りたいですカフェやおいしい料...
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