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Gender : Female
Age : 53
Live in : Russia
Who wants to be my friend WelcomeI work at home. Usually it’s a good job but sometimes it’s a little boring… Let s have fun togetherI am looking for companions to chat. Sometimes we meet… I m looking ...
Gender : Female
Age : 28
Live in : Others
Hola I hope u r all doing fine. First of all thank u for visiting my penpal page. I m very excited to being here for cultural exchangeing. Likewise i can say that this site s making habit over time. H...
Gender : Male
Age : 21
Live in : Korea
Hi I m an university student living in Korea. I traveled to Japan many times, but I can t speak Japanese wellㅠㅠ So I want to learn japanese and cultureSend me a message if u wanna Korean friend 안녕하세요 ...
Gender : Male
Age : 30
Live in : Korea
안녕하세요 취미는 자전거, 게임, 애니 좋아 합니다. 그리고좋아하는것은 자동차을 너무 좋아합니다 만약에 펜팔 친구가 되면 친하게 지내고 싶어요 같이 이야기도 하고 싶어요 잘부탁드...
Gender : Female
Age : 18
Live in : United States
Hi my name is bailee and I m a student from the United States. However I have dual nationality with Great Britain. My friends refer to me as britican as a joke. I like visiting my family overseas and ...
Gender : Female
Age : 25
Live in : Japan
안녕하세요 저는 94년생의 일본인입니다. 한국의 문화, 메이크업, 패션 등에 관심을 가지고 있습니다여러가지 정보 교환 할 수 있으면 좋겠네요 짧은 친구가 아니라 오랫동안 연락할 수 ...
Gender : Female
Age : 24
Live in : Japan
こんにちは ひかるです 今までアメリカ 韓国 台湾 ロシアに何度か行きました これからいろいろな国に行ってみたいです 英語も韓国語もまだできないので日本語できる方だと嬉しいで...
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