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Sesso : Femminile
Age : 27
Live in : Corea del Sud
はじめまして 韓国に住んでいる27歳の韓国人の女です 日本は4回行きました 私はBTS, 투모로우바이투게더, ジャニーズ, サンリオ, カフェ, ディズニーランド, ユニバ, 食べ物が好きです ...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 23
Live in : Turchia
Hello there I am a Turk. I am looking for good friends. I studied in college. I want you to be my friends to talk to. please do not hesitate to leave a messag...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 19
Live in : Colombia
Hi, I m Jenna. I m college student. My english level is intermediate, but I want to improve it, and maybe learn other languages. I really like the kpop and everything related to that culture. I want t...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 29
Live in : Corea del Sud
Nice to meet you. I want to know various cultures and people. I like traveling and food, also I like walking and dogs. I hope you find a good frien...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 20
Live in : Corea del Sud
始めまして2000年生まれ 韓国の年では21歳です いろんな国の友達がほしくてペンパルを始めました 翻訳機を使って話すから下手かもしれません メッセージ待ってます It s a great pleasure to ...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 22
Live in : Giappone
안녕하세요 하루입니다. 한국어, 영어를 공부중입니다 틀렸다면 미안해요. 21살 99 채팅을 하는데 시간이 걸릴지 모르겠지만, 많이 이야기해 주세요 Hello, I m Haru. I m studying Korean and English. I l...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 12
Live in : Francia
Hello, I am Claudine, Katell s mother. Would you like to be fluent in french I am looking for exchange student, via organisation. Would you like to be fluent in french via Agenturo organisation Katell...
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