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Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 18
Yaşadığı yer : Türkiye
Hi My name is Esin and I m 18 years old. I live in Turkey. My hobbies; singing, painting and dancing. Please don t be rud...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 44
Yaşadığı yer : İngiltere
Hi everyone. I would love to make new friends worldwide and learn about different cultures, especially from countries such as Korea. It would be exciting to find people who have similar interests to m...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 21
Yaşadığı yer : Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
HeyI am interested in a lot of things like peoples background and their interests. I would like to meet friends from other countries or if you live in U. S. That s cool tooI like exercising, drawing a...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 60
Yaşadığı yer : Japonya
Hello everyoneMy name is ToshiI am marriedMy hobbies are travel and motor cycleI would like to Snail MailI am waiting for a messageThank yo...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 21
Yaşadığı yer : Türkiye
Hello EveryoneI am back I had an account before but I deleted it. This one is new. I am from Turkey and a sophomore in university. My major is English Language Teaching. You can call me Se Ri I like m...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 19
Yaşadığı yer : Meksika
HelloI’m Andrea, I speak both English and Spanish fluently, I’m interested on making friends from all around the world. I enjoy reading, watching tv series, listening to music and going to museums. It...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 32
Yaşadığı yer : İtalya
Ciao D こんにちは はじめまして イタリア人です 86年生まれです ウーゴと申します 日本語や英語を喋ることができます 友達になりたいです 自然とか旅行とか大好きです たくさん事を...
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