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Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 18
Yaşadığı yer : Botsvana
Soon to be nineteen I love reading, watching Korean dramas and listening to kpop I don t like pineapple I have a phobia of dogs I m really sho...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 26
Yaşadığı yer : Güney Kore
Hi I am Minseong I want to be make new friend I like singing and fashion. 안녕하세요 제주도 사는 28살 남자입니다 요새 코로나 때문에 밖을 못다니네요 모두 화이팅 합시다. 오래 사귈 친구 구해요 일할 ...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 16
Yaşadığı yer : Hindistan
Hi my name is Linda cournel. Im a girl who loves k drama and k pop .I am a huge music addict and can t live without it. I have a special intrest in korea and korean people. I am a good singer and an a...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 30
Yaşadığı yer : Japonya
はじめまして 東京に住んでいるスウェーデン人です 趣味は映画 音楽 ゲーム 旅行などです 日本の文化にも興味があります ぜひ仲良くしてください メールを楽しみにしています HiI m a S...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 50
Yaşadığı yer : Avustralya
I m an English Teacher looking to hear from females from different backgrounds and learn more ones cultural influences I m David and and would be happy to help improve your English and communicate wit...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 28
Yaşadığı yer : Japonya
안녕하세요o 나는일본에살고있는28세입니다 많은사람과사이좋게지내고싶습니다 잘부탁합니다 こんにちは 私は日本にすむ28歳です 韓国語を勉強したいので 教えてくれる友達がほしい...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 17
Yaşadığı yer : Polonya
hi yallI m Amelia and I am from Poland im looking for some friends that i can talk with a little about me i like listening to music, playing games and meeting new peopleI can speak Polish, English a l...
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