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Cool pen-pals with photos!

Open Penpal Search

Total members : 588134

Gender : Female
Age : 17
Live in : Korea
これからもずっと連絡できる友達になってくれよ いい友達を作りたい お互いの文化を共有しよう I wish I could make friends from many countries. Please feel free to contact me. Don t contact me for love. I need a ...
Gender : Female
Age : 30
Live in : Korea
旅行先で会えるお友達が欲しくて 加入しました ラインやってるんで たまには電話で話したいです よろしくお願いします 你好 雖然還沒去過台灣 不過想交往台灣朋友們 我喜歡看台灣...
Gender : Female
Age : 15
Live in : Turkey
안녕하세요저는 이 앱에서 한국인 친구들과 함께 말하고 싶어서 가입했습니다. 서울에서 공부하고 싶습니다 그래서 제 한국어를 개발하고 있습니다. 저는 04년생 이고 터키에서 사는 3 ...
Gender : Female
Age : 14
Live in : Japan
한국을 좋아하는 일본인입니다 나이가 가까운 친구를 찾고 있습니다 한국어를 배우고 싶습니다 일본어를 가르치고 싶습니다 번역 기능을 사용하고 있으므로 이상하게 되어 있을지도 모...
Gender : Female
Age : 20
Live in : Turkey
Hello everbody Im from Turkey. I can speak Turkish D a little English. I like dancing and listen to music. I want learning English ,Spanish ,Korean and Japanese If you want to learn Turkish and Turkis...
Gender : Male
Age : 26
Live in : Korea
I hope to talk with many friends all around the world without any care of gender, religion, region and so on. I was born in 1994 and studying neuroscience in graduate school. It is my pleasure to talk...
Gender : Female
Age : 37
Live in : Malaysia
Married. 12 yo daughter. We both crazy about Korean s drama and food such as tteokbokki, jjajangmyeon, kimchi pancakes, bibimbap, gimbap, soft stew soup etc I love watching movies, anime and manga, pl...
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