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Gender : Nainen
Age : 27
Asuinmaa : Yhdysvallat
Hello안녕하세요D I am an Artist Gamer Girl Music Lover Space BunnyI love playing videogames, listening to music & socializingI also have a passion for drawing and paintingMy dream is to be able to do art f...
Gender : Mies
Age : 21
Asuinmaa : Filippiinit
HiMy name is JelFirst of all I am not here to flirt haha I am here to find friends overseas well i have no reasons why haha. About me I am an IT student, I love writing songs but im more focus in acad...
Gender : Mies
Age : 28
Asuinmaa : Etelä-Korea
こんにちは 僕は海外に興味がある韓国人です 今は通訳やガイドなど観光係で働いてます 気軽にメッセージ送ってください よろしくお願いします Hello. I m interested in travel and foreign language...
Gender : Mies
Age : 28
Asuinmaa : Japani
안녕하세요반갑습니다 저는 나고야근교에사는 일본사람이에요 한국에 관심이많아서 한국어를 공부하고있어요 여행 음악 영화 카페 등등 좋아해요 남녀상관없이 편하게 메세지 해주시면...
Gender : Mies
Age : 20
Asuinmaa : Indonesia
Saya remaja yang ingin mengenal lebih luas tentang dunia ini melalui pengalaman orang lain. Melalui pengalaman orang lain saya rasa kita bisa berbagi cerita menarik tentang lingkungan dan cita cita ya...
Gender : Mies
Age : 19
Asuinmaa : Japani
Hi, I m Kenta and became a university student this April. Please say Congratulations.Just kidding; .My hobbies and Interests are books, music, museums, space, ancient ruins, mythologies, cats, owls an...
Gender : Mies
Age : 38
Asuinmaa : Japani
Nice to meet you My name is takatoshi. Height is 170 cm Weight is 58 kg Occupation is a truck driver. My hobbies are driving, surfing and video games I often go camping during the warmer season I woul...
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