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Gender : Mies
Age : 18
Asuinmaa : Japani
I am japanese highschool student. I m glad if anyone can talk casually I can t speak English well .but I ll do my best 私は日本人の高校生です どんな人でも 気軽に話しかけてくれると嬉しいです 英語はあまりう...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 19
Asuinmaa : Turkki
helloI am Selin who is 19 years old from Turkey I want to meet with new people I love books and movies especially horror movies are you interested in history if you are interested in, we will be good ...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 29
Asuinmaa : Etelä-Korea
Nice to meet youI want to have a great experience to be friends with people with diverse worldviewsThank you very much만나서 반가워요다양한 세계관을 가진 분들과 친구가 되는 멋진 경험을 하고 싶어요잘부탁드립...
Gender : Mies
Age : 21
Asuinmaa : Japani
東京都に住んでます 21歳です 韓国語の勉強のために登録しました 始めたばかりで わからないことだらけですがお願いします Kpopなどよく聞きます 勉強の仕方など教えてください 내 ...
Gender : Mies
Age : 27
Asuinmaa : Etelä-Korea
Hi I live in Korea now I wanted to make foreign friends and develop my English through pen pals I m interested in camera and like listening to music こんにちは 私は韓国に住んでいるキムジンウと申します ほかではなく日...
Gender : Mies
Age : 41
Asuinmaa : Pakistan
I am strong average man who has faith of God and love peopleI am honestdecent and kind a personI like in different langue sculture and tradition of this beautiful worldI like this quote Stephen covey ...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 17
Asuinmaa : Kiina
Hello I am Phyllis Tang from ShangHai, China. I am now studying and living in Surrey, UK. loll Feel free and text me if you are interested in chinese or asian culture or you just wanna to improve Engl...
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